Mandatory After School Tutorials
Sunday, January 02, 2011
BCMS Mandatory Tutoring program
Besse Coleman Students seek to reach even higher heights!

Academic success is the number one priority at Bessie Coleman Middle School.  After reviewing your child's academic progress, if it has been determined that your child must attend mandatory after school tutoring then he/she will be coming home with a letter from Mrs. Ramirez.

The letter will detail specifics about the mandatory after-school tutoring and how it will aid in equipping your child with the knowledge set s/he needs to pass TAKS, in order to be considered for promotion to the next grade level.

If you DO NOT want your child to participate in after school tutoring, you, the parent or guardian will need to  complete the bottom portion of this letter and personally deliver it to Principal Ramirez. Once delivered, a conference with Mrs. Ramirez or Mr. Jordan will be scheduled for you.  The purpose of the conference is to give you an opportunity to share with the school the academic supports you will provide your child in order to improve your child's academic performance, in lieu of after-school tutoring. 

If you are committed to having your child in after school tutoring, you will not need to return this form or take any other action, since every student in need of assistance is automatically enrolled.    

Thank you for your continued partnership as we prepare your child for college and beyond!

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